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2019. március 20. Szerda
Klaudia, Alexa

A Nap kel 05:51-kor,
nyugszik 18:04-kor.

Benedek, Napsugár
napja lesz.


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 Guduc also belongs to Gyergyoszarhegy, it is a small mountain settlement, a beloved weekend spot for the locals, the buildings also show this character. The village situated almost 800 meters high above sea level, just like many others which were not close to the center of the villages, this one was also established especially because of the meadows and of animal breeding.

 Guduc is not only beautiful in the summer but also in the winter. The guided sleigh tours take the visitors through wonderful places. Enormous hillsides, dark green pines mark the road. This fabulous region has witnessed a rapid development in the past few years and it seems to have aimed to become a tourist paradise soon. Only in 2007 20 new houses were built in this place, it offers great sporting opportunities and there is also possibility to organize training camps here.

 Even in the winter life does not slow down around here, the snow covered hillsides are full of tobogganers, skiers and snowboarders, while at the ice rink of Szarhegy not only the skaters but also the hockey players add to the excitement of the everyday life